1 - 申请进入虚拟公司的申请司机必须年满

2-进入虚拟公司的申请司机必须拥有原始游戏ETS 2或ATS
3 - 积极参与公司的工作和各项活动。 4-申请司机通过面试后必须在Trucksbook上申请进入公司。
10 - 禁止使用任何形式作弊,禁止修改存档代码,禁止MOD作弊或者等其他技术作弊。
11- 驾驶员必须使用公司前缀Dragon Freigh。
13-在TRUCKERSMP 和IFMP行驶时候需要链接Discord或YY语音频道。
1 - Applicants who apply to enter the virtual company must be at least 18 years of age or older
2- The driver who enters the virtual company must have the original game ETS 2 or ATS
3 - Actively participate in the company's work and activities.
4- The driver must apply to enter the company on the Trucksbook after the interview.
5- The applicant's trial period is 1 week and the maximum is 2 weeks.
6 - Each driver must use the latest game versions ETS2 and ATS.
7-The minimum monthly mileage for each driver is 15000 kilometers
8-Require the use of the trucksbook client to record your shipping records in TRUCKERSMP or IFMP.
9-The driver needs to complete the dispatcher dispatch task to accept at least 10 orders per month.
10 - Prohibit cheating in any form, prohibit modification of the archive code, prohibit mod cheating or other techniques to cheat.
11- The driver must use the company prefix Dragon Freigh must use the company skin.
12-Speed of travel must not exceed 100KM/H.
13 - Link to Discord or YY voice channel when driving TRUCKERSMP and IFMP.
14- Failure to comply with these rules, company management has the right to dismiss The above rules must be observed by the driver.
If there are new regulations, they will be updated as soon as possible. The modification time is October 15, 2020 4:26 AM, 2020